10 Fascinating Things In Milan You Definitely Have To Do

What are the first associations when you hear Milan? Cathedrals? Football? Tasty cuisine? There are so many variants because Milan is very saturated by different really beautiful and marvelous places and things to do.

If you glance at the list of all attractions in Milan, you’ll see that visiting all these points will last for ages. That’s why we sorted and visualized, in this infographic, the top 10 best places in Milan that you should visit. Anyone who has ever been to Milan would defnitely agree with all these interesting places and things to do. And those who are only going to visit this fascinating City will find this infographic useful.

Why? Let’s see. Milan has about 50 churches and museums that can fulfill your desire to enjoy the beautiful architecture profile of the city. Additionally, 20 basilicas are some of the other attractions of Milan that attract up to 6 million tourists annually. Do not forget about the picturesque views of at least 25 squares with fresh air, green plants and cute animals.

So, you may not only explore history and culture of the ancient city but also unite with nature. We know that it’s quite difficult to visit all interesting places at a limited time, especially in such a great city like Milan. That is why we decided to collect the most entertaining and popular places which were selected by some of the most reliable and famous travel services. Also, here you may find open hours, entrance fees and addresses.

Hope you will find this a ‘must-visit and to-do list’ informative and useful. Have a good travel!


Infographic source: https://rental24h.com/infographics/italy/top-10-things-to-do-in-milan

Paydays In The UK: Britons’ Spending and Saving Habits

How Do You Spend Your Paypacket? Brits’ Payday Spending Habits Revealed

Payday is near! Amazing! However, for some, payday is not actually the best day of the month – new survey reveals that for many British citizens, getting your salary does not mean over the top purchases and awesome meals – but rather debt and daily financial woes.

As a result, if you are among the people for whom payday is a tough season, you are not alone. New research by Wizzcash, the short-term and payday loan provider, looks at our monthly habits, observing how we divulge our hard-earned salary and the kind of financial strain we feel.

The survey of approximately 1,000 British citizens found that over 30% do not make their salary last for the whole month, with 4% finding it extremely difficult to even make it last for one week.

Other payday findings include:

  • People aged 65 and over are the savviest spenders, making their money last all month.
  • For 31% of Brits, debt is a very real problem – with nearly a third falling into debt following a payday spending spree.
  • We’re often told it’s important to save, but for nearly half of Britons (46%) that’s not so easy, with this number struggling to save more than £100 a month.
  • For many Britons, living on credit is a monthly reality – 64% have relied on a credit card to supplement their payday, with overdrafts, borrowing from friends and family, personal loans and payday loans.

Hilton Freund, managing director of Wizzcash, said it was clear high living costs were having an impact. “Research shows the cost of essentials is rising – this is a particular problem for low-income households.”

Paydays In The UK: Britons’ Spending And Saving Habits

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Breaking down the Business Model of Your Favourite Taxi App – Uber

The word cab or taxi has now become synonymous with the word Uber. People around the globe don’t call a cab anymore, they call an Uber. Whether you are getting late for the airport or need a ride home from a pub after getting hammered, Uber has always got your back.

From being just another start-up to becoming the organization that covers half the globe, Uber has sure come a long way. You might be surprised to know that the taxi company is currently worth $62.5 billion, which is more than the net worth of global automobile giants like BMW, Ford and General Motors. And that too, even without owning any vehicle of its own. Intriguing. Right? So, now you must be wondering how Uber operates so many taxis without actually owning any of them.

Let us try to break it down for you. Uber is a mobile application that connects passengers with drivers for hire. The catch is that Uber drivers are not just drivers. 61% of Uber drivers have full time or part time careers outside of Uber. Some of them are professional football players, university presidents, musicians, firefighters, actors, high school teachers, designers and even military personnel. Also, approximately 20% of Uber drivers in the United States of America are women and Uber has pledged to have at least a million female drivers by 2020.

It is extremely easy to become an Uber driver and people can do it in their free time for earning a little extra cash, considering the fact that Uber keeps only 20% earnings of a ride and gives the rest to its driver/partners. In order to be an Uber driver, all you need is a registered car and you’re set. Every month approximately 50,000 new drivers sign up with Uber.

To know more awesome facts about this taxi giant, check out the fun and infographic developed by Unboxing Deals.

Uber Story

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Sporticos Gives a New Dimention to Sports Contents

There are myriad football/soccer websites available on the web that have traditionally covered the sport for a long time now. This coverage generally consists of match previews, line ups, match coverage, match reports and ratings. They are a go-to hub for most football fans on the internet.

While most of these sites are generally good in conveying the information related to the most followed game on the planet, a new website, Sporticos.com, has decided to spice up the method of football coverage. Sporticos gives a detailed explanation of matches through the medium of infographics.


Infographics, the short form of “information graphics,” is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge. Infographics help to explain the information quickly and effectively in comparison to traditional mediums like podcasts or commentary. This is because infographics can improve the cognitive ability utilizing graphics to enhance the human brain to interpret patterns and trends faster than other sources of information.

The best thing about Sporticos is their variety. They offer visual information on 60 different leagues across the world. Sporticos presents visual information on the result history of the two teams playing, their key players, goals scored per match, league standings, goals conceded per match, the information about the stadium, predicted score, and match odds. They even provide information on the weather conditions of the match day and suggest the type of clothing you should wear if you’re planning to visit the stadium.

The staff of Sporticos also remains busy during the match. They update visual information on goal scorers, substitutions, and cards conceded. Sporticos also does a head-to-head comparison in the social media influence of the two playing teams.


The cool thing about Sporticos is that they allow the visitors to download these football infographics totally free of cost. You can upvote the infographics if you like it, and downvote if you don’t. You can suggest the corrections if you find something wrong with the data being presented.

If this new approach to sports journalism pleases football fanatics is yet to be known, but the omens certainly look good for Sporticos.

Sporticos is starting to get a lot of attention in social media and a loyal fanbase who want something different from sports sites. If they can keep this momentum going, they can attract a bigger audience who simply want to know about what’s going on in the sport, and not about a larger spectrum of politics surrounding the game.

There are already plenty of high domain authority sites related to sports niche on the market and as a startup, it is very difficult for Sporticos to stamp their authority, but if they stick true to their content, they can steadily build their own loyal audience, as they are a different breed in the crowd of sports journalism.

Analyzing WordPress Themes’ Performance

The WordPress community is full of great quality content. This time, it’s InTrigger a WordPress plugin, which after a deep and meticulous study of WordPress’s most popular themes’ performance published this very thorough infographic.

Web professionals are rightfully getting more and more concerned by performance issues on their websites. The performance, which is roughly speaking the time that it takes for a page to load, have a much bigger impact than what we think.

  • Conversion rate: Every renowned ecommerce professional agrees that the conversion rate is strongly and negatively correlated with the loading speed. KissMetrics even quantified this correlation, the results are stunning: conversion rate drops by 7% for every additional loading second.
  • SEO: Search engines started, several years ago, taking loading time as a ranking criterion. Since then performance doesn’t only affect user experience but can also determine it’s ranking on search engines’ results. This can lead to a huge loss of revenues.

It’s clear that performance is critical for a website, as the infographics shows even WordPress themes can speed it up or slow it down. Theme choosing is now crucial on a WordPress site, this kind of support can be a major help for making an educated decision about your WordPress theme.


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