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Analyzing WordPress Themes’ Performance

The WordPress community is full of great quality content. This time, it’s InTrigger a WordPress plugin, which after a deep and meticulous study of WordPress’s most popular themes’ performance published this very thorough infographic.

Web professionals are rightfully getting more and more concerned by performance issues on their websites. The performance, which is roughly speaking the time that it takes for a page to load, have a much bigger impact than what we think.

  • Conversion rate: Every renowned ecommerce professional agrees that the conversion rate is strongly and negatively correlated with the loading speed. KissMetrics even quantified this correlation, the results are stunning: conversion rate drops by 7% for every additional loading second.
  • SEO: Search engines started, several years ago, taking loading time as a ranking criterion. Since then performance doesn’t only affect user experience but can also determine it’s ranking on search engines’ results. This can lead to a huge loss of revenues.

It’s clear that performance is critical for a website, as the infographics shows even WordPress themes can speed it up or slow it down. Theme choosing is now crucial on a WordPress site, this kind of support can be a major help for making an educated decision about your WordPress theme.


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7 Tried and Tested Ways Web-Based Businesses Can Improve Conversion

This infographic highlights some of the most important ways to improve conversions on your website or online business. These include the following.

Introducing clues that makes user-experience less of a hassle and a lot easier for the would-be customer or client.  Believe it or not, including statements such as “We take your privacy seriously”, for example, on online forms could go a long way in increasing your conversion rate through trust building.

Use tweets and client testimonials to give you a competitive advantage over others. When you consider the increasing rates of competition amongst businesses, “every little helps”.

Make use of various marketing strategies to lure users. By being creative, you can start to think outside the box. This could be quite difficult considering the wide availability of information on the Internet that tends to encourage people to take the same action. However, you can stand out from the crowd by doing something a little different.

Show clients that you are ready not only ready to deliver but to do so promptly. Time is money and most customers what to know if your business offers flexibility and timely delivery.

When it comes to pricing, remain competitive and within reason both to yourself and the client. There is no need to make a loss as long as you keep your edge.

Contribute to the society or your immediate community. For example, this could come in the form of donating a percentage of your sales to charitable organisations and making this public.

Ensure that you use context branding to reveal how your business closely relates to client needs. For example, this could come in the shape of related certifications that are displayed on your website or reputable video testimonials that are readily available on your site.

By carefully adhering to these guidelines you will be well on your way to improving conversions and visitor engagement on your website. Read on.