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The Construction Industry – A Global Comparison

The construction industry plays an important part in urban and commercial development. It allows an ageing structure to breathe new life as more modern building materials and methods of construction are sourced upon and applied.

A report by Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics suggested global construction will almost double from $7.2 trillion in 2015 to $12 trillion by 2020. Also, a total of $97.9 trillion will be spent globally on construction over the next ten years. The level of growth predicted is particularly strong in Russia, China, Romania, Turkey, India and Morocco where growth of more than 6% is expected. Smaller levels of growth (up to 3%) are predicted in the UK, Spain, Canada, Japan, France and Italy.

There are substantial differences in the cost of raw materials form different countries around the world. A common brick costs a little as £67/1,000 in China but up to £467/1000 bricks in Germany. In addition, ordinary cement costs £97/tonne in New York but the same materials and quantity can be purchased at the reduced cost of £78/tonne in Los Angeles.

A cause for concern for anyone in construction is the risk of injury. The nature of work naturally brings workers close to hazards and accidents can and do happen. Fortunately, many construction sites have recognized the benefits of incorporating workplace stretching programs for their workers. Such programs are common place in Japan, and they are becoming increasingly common in the US and UK. To learn more about the challenges tradespeople face, read the infographic created by Ironmongery Direct below.