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17 Most Common Errors in Students Writing

Spelling and punctuation can be tough to track. Students, in particular, often overlook these seemingly unimportant things in their writing. But, a poorly spelled word, a missing coma, or even faulty word placement can ruin the integrity of your written text.

More than that, ignoring wording damages the overall clarity and readability of the text. It makes the text more stressful for the reader – your professor – to read, which often has a negative effect on the grade you get in the end. This is why such wordiness, too, is also considered an error.

The ultimate goal of writing the paper is getting a good grade, and exercising one’s command of words can only be a secondary goal – if any. Therefore, it is better to sacrifice the “fancy” speech constructions for the sake of clarity and laconicism — especially, if you are not certain about the correct way to use one or another word.

But, of course, if you would like to boost your ‘fancy’ writing skills, read on! The infographics below will help you determine the most common student mistakes and teach you how to avoid them in the future.