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10 Fascinating Things In Milan You Definitely Have To Do

What are the first associations when you hear Milan? Cathedrals? Football? Tasty cuisine? There are so many variants because Milan is very saturated by different really beautiful and marvelous places and things to do.

If you glance at the list of all attractions in Milan, you’ll see that visiting all these points will last for ages. That’s why we sorted and visualized, in this infographic, the top 10 best places in Milan that you should visit. Anyone who has ever been to Milan would defnitely agree with all these interesting places and things to do. And those who are only going to visit this fascinating City will find this infographic useful.

Why? Let’s see. Milan has about 50 churches and museums that can fulfill your desire to enjoy the beautiful architecture profile of the city. Additionally, 20 basilicas are some of the other attractions of Milan that attract up to 6 million tourists annually. Do not forget about the picturesque views of at least 25 squares with fresh air, green plants and cute animals.

So, you may not only explore history and culture of the ancient city but also unite with nature. We know that it’s quite difficult to visit all interesting places at a limited time, especially in such a great city like Milan. That is why we decided to collect the most entertaining and popular places which were selected by some of the most reliable and famous travel services. Also, here you may find open hours, entrance fees and addresses.

Hope you will find this a ‘must-visit and to-do list’ informative and useful. Have a good travel!


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