OST to PST converter: How to convert OST file to PST format

Conversion of OST files to PST format using manual method is complicated with the risk of data loss. You have to pay much attention for every step for performing the conversion process to keep away all the risks and you should have some technical knowledge to perform the procedure of migration process of OST files to PST format.

Even if you completed all the process successfully, there are possibilities that all mailbox data may not be recovered. So, the best way to convert corrupted OST files to Outlook PST format is to use an OST to PST converter tool. 

Source- vMail OST to PST converter

Facts about the US Tax You Should Know [2018]

Are your tax liabilities less than the amount of your withholding and your estimated taxes? Well, you are eligible for a tax refund and you should file for this by 17th April 2018. Unfortunately, the date is fixed thus you should be wary of doing so on time but how exactly do you do so? If you are not sure how to navigate your way around how the tax refund works then you need not worry as PDFelement has created a simple yet comprehensive infographic to guide you through how a few things and there in the realm of the US Tax system coupled by the step by step guide on file for a Tax Refund with the IRS.

As a matter of fact, this infographic touches on more! Talk of some cool stats pertaining the US Tax Revenue over the past five years not to mention the tax revenue sources that keep the economy moving. Of particular interest in the stats is the steady increase in the Tax Revenue generated whilst the tax burden is seen to be significantly lower than other developed countries like Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and France.

This is perhaps the reason why the government can offer you some tax relief and at the core of this marvelous infographic is a nice stepwise guide on how to apply for your tax refund in an easy and professional way.

Last but not least, this guide touches on the things you can do with Tax Refunds or rather, what stats show is the norm for many around the country. At an average of $2763 tax refund as at 2017, most people have been found to use this money to clear debts while other do deposit some cash into the savings accounts.

Now, you can check out this infographic for more captivating facts about the US Tax.

Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

Before taking the first step on any journey, it’s a good idea to have a map to tell you where you’re going. Flying blind is a great way to end up somewhere unexpected or begin an adventure. Yet it’s also a good way to end up somewhere you don’t want to be. In the world of Internet marketing, the lead generation journey has only one desired destination: a greater number of customers.

However, for many Internet marketers, they set out on this lead generation journey without a strong idea of how they are going to get there. Without a roadmap they can use to build their lead generation campaigns, it’s easy for Internet marketers to become confused and head in the wrong direction. Trying to build a campaign based on guesswork is a good way to become lost in the woods. The result is a campaign that doesn’t go where it needs to go.

It’s all too easy for lead generation campaigns to lose their way because they are so complex by nature. There are dozens and dozens of essential elements that have to go into a successful lead generation campaign. What’s more, they all need to fit together properly to be successful. Lead generation campaigns must appeal to as many types of website visitors as possible. Meaning, all of these components must be present and configured properly to give that campaign the best possible chance of success.

If any of these elements are missing or improperly aligned, the results can be disastrous for the Internet marketer behind the wheel. No Internet marketer wants to neglect or ignore a certain segment of the population if that segment can be captured and converted into customers. Nonetheless, far too many Internet marketers are doing just that by building their lead generation campaigns without a solid idea of where they are going.

There’s little room for error in the world of Internet marketing. A lead generation campaign that is built with crucial components missing can result in a serious problem for marketers. That’s why it’s essential for lead generation campaigns to be built with an effective blueprint in hand.

Building a Better Campaign

Here at Internet marketing agency Straight North, our SEO professionals have devoted a lot of their time to understanding what makes successful lead generation campaigns. They’ve taken them apart to examine all of the vital elements that go into them and to understand how they all need to fit properly to deliver the best results.

Thanks to this extensive research conducted over the years, we’ve developed a document that we believe can serve as that essential roadmap to a complete and successful lead generation campaign. The infographic below represents the fruits of our labor. This visual can serve as an important tool for Internet marketers working to capture and convert as many customers as possible.

As you can see below, a lead generation campaign consists of numerous individual elements that all feed into and complement one another. These are all necessary components because various types of website visitors have different needs and different motivators that convert them. For example, some visitors might only be curious about a product or service, not yet entirely convinced that they would want it.

For these visitors, a lead generation campaign can convert them with dynamic, eye-catching content such as videos and high-quality photography. Still, other visitors come to a website to research a product or service in which they are interested. They may not need convincing that they should have that particular product or service, only help finding the one that’s right for them. For these visitors, content such as testimonials from past customers can be very persuasive.

Other visitors don’t even know they want that particular product or service yet, but well-crafted social media posts shared by their friends can inspire them to visit the website to start investigating.


Infographic created by Straight North, a Chicago SEO expert company

Following the Roadmap

This infographic can be extremely valuable for any Internet marketer looking to build a lead generation campaign. Although we originally created this infographic to serve as an internal training tool, we soon realized its value as a resource for Internet marketers who needed guidance in developing their lead generation campaigns. Using this flowchart as a blueprint, marketers can visualize what an effective campaign looks like, how it functions and what they need to include in their own campaigns.

Whether you’re building a lead generation campaign from scratch or working to optimize an existing campaign, use the following flowchart to help guide your efforts. Knowing where you’re going is important for getting to where you want to be. Ultimately, this resource can help you figure out where your lead generation campaign is going. Follow it, and your next lead generation campaign will be headed in the right direction.

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a premier Internet marketing agency in Chicago that offers SEO, PPC and web design services. With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Brad has been featured in leading online publications including American Marketing Association, Moz and Forbes.

How Often Should I Replace My Roof?

If you own a home, you have a roof, but many homeowners are unaware about their roof’s general lifespan and often delay critical repairs and replacement until a problem. We wanted to try and present this important information in a more exciting way for people who are more visually in their learning style.

There are so many articles out there already with this informaton, so we wanted to do something different. That’s why we created this infographic. We wanted to present this important information to homeowners in a more visual way. We laid the main issues that affect roof lifespan: the kind of materials used (whether it’s wood, asphalt, metal or clay shingles) and how different climatic conditions also important the lifespan of a roof.

When choosing a colour for this infographic, we ultimately went with the orange as it was a create match for our brand and then white text, which didn’t clash with the overall design.

The end result is a simple, visually appealing infographic that leads the eye on a logical path from left to right and then down again. We felt that it made the information easier to digest for any potential readers.

All in all, we hope that homeowners will be able to have a bit of fun with this content and learn about all of the different issues impacting their roof. Because at the end of the day, all that we really want is a roof over our heads. And we are trying to keep it that way. That’s what D’angelo and Sons is all about.Source: https://www.dangeloandsons.com/


Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile

There’s no denying that mobile is here to stay. Whilst the desktop was once the king of online interaction, power has shifted to mobile. Whether we’re using mobile apps or the mobile web – the vast majority of our online minutes are now spent on smartphones.

Apps undoubtedly lead the way when it comes to the optimum mobile user experience. A testament to that is the fact that 90 percent of consumer’s mobile time is spent in apps. With all that being said, there is a fallback of mobile apps – and that’s friction. That’s the effort and time spent finding, downloading and installing an app.

So what if there was a way to combine the UX benefits of a mobile app, with the frictionless nature of the mobile web?

I’ve got some great news for you. There actually is. It’s called the Progressive Web App – and experts think it might just be the next big thing.

Progressive Web Apps are mobile websites which look, feel and perform like a mobile app, but you don’t need to download them from the App Stores. That means a few things. They don’t take up storage space – they don’t use as much data, and you only need to click a link to use them.

You can even save a PWA to your home page, and access it as if it were a regular app. Awesome.

The infographic below delves a little deeper into what the PWA is, looking at some case studies and features that can give you a little more info.


This infographic is powered by AppInstitute.